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I offer a range of planning services designed to provide actionable advice and resources needed by clients to answer their questions and move them toward their goals.


Financlal planning services are generally offered at a flat rate and may be combined. 


Fees are based on a scale that factors in the complexity of the project and your personal circumstances. 


For more information or to download a flyer that describes services, please CLICK HERE.



For a low, flat fee of $750, you will get a complete “bumper- to- bumper” review and tune up of your current financial situation, answers to your questions, an un­derstanding of the financial tools you already have and ideas on what your next steps might be.


 For clients who want to focus on two or three key issues like retirement planning with Social Security or investing allocations and want ongoing support , I provide a limited-scope plan beginning at $1,250 plus annual support of $30 per month.


I offer tiered investment management services.


For those who are looking for a core allocation of globally diversified and tax-efficient index funds and ETFs, I offer an automated platform.  My fee is generally 0.40% per year.  Custodial platform fees of 0.25% per year may apply as well.


We offer a complimentary initial 45-minute meeting with prospective clients.


For those who want the flexibility of more time to evaluate options and have pressing questions, I will meet at one of our office locations for an additional two hours at one flat fee of $300 + room rental charges if applicable.


For employers - especially small businesses or professional practices up to 50 employees - I help design optimal retirement plans that help owners maximizing their retirement contributions.  Through properly designed 401(k), Profit Sharing and Defined Benefit Pension Plans, clients reduce current tax liability while enhancing their retirement.


To augment the diversification benefits of a core allocation, I offer access to world-class tactical money managers using a range of investment styles.  These managers are focused on risk-management through practical use of tactical signals.  My fee for this service ranges between 0.60% and 1% depending on assets invested.  Third-party manager fees average 0.40% per year.


For those seeking immediate answers to their questions or concerns or reviewing investments, I will evaluate your data and provide analysis with a recommended action list in a meeting in your home or my offices for up to 3 hours for a flat fee of $750 or $900 for 4 hours.  Each may include a limited number and type of reports to support recommended actions.


Clients may combine various planning elements into a comprehensive review of three, four or eight key planning topics with appropriate analysis and action checklists. 


This service includes annual support, help with implementation and tax planning. 


Fees are based on client net worth, income and complexity and can range.


The Silver Plan begins at $1,800.

The Gold Plan begins at $2,400. The Platinum Plan begins at $4,000 for those with a net worth above $2 million.

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